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Okay – I must admit. I used to be one of those 2010 world cup skeptics. First of all because I am not a soccer fan. Yes,

The 2010 world cup soccer will be the world's biggest party! PHOTOGRAPHY BY MIRIAM MANNAK

sure, I do indeed watch the soccer world cup every four years, as well as the European championships. And yes, I do cheer for the Orange team. I am Dutch after all.I like the atmosphere more than anything else.

But I cannot – not in the least – classify myself as one of those folks who  weeks prior kick-off goes beserk and paints her house, face and cat orange. Yes – that actually DOES happen in The Netherlands. Dutchies go absolutely nuts when it comes to their national team playing in international soccer events such as the world cup: they wear, think, dream, and talk nothing but orange. Even members of the anti-Monarchy movement voluntary join the Orange madness (lets not forget that it is no coincidence that orange is the Dutch national – it is the Royal family’s surname). Me, well, I do not even own an orange shirt.

A second reason why I once classified myself as a 2010 skeptic was that I simply did not see it happen- the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Although I love this country with every fiber, every molecule of my heart, I was doubtful whether the country could pull  it off. We are talking about ten stadiums, of which the bulk had to be built from scratch. We were talking about massive infrastructural projects, such as the Integrated Transport System which had to provide decent public transport for South Africans in the years to come.

There have been so many political debates and fights around world cup 2010, and quite a few setbacks. The construction of certain stadiums, including the one in Cape Town, have experienced massive delays, and the local mini taxi industry has tried to sabotage the transport system over and over again.

Anyway – with the Final Draw approaching – it seems that the 2010 world cup bug has managed to sink its fangs deep in my soul. Everything seems to be on track: Stadiums are almost finished or are finished, like the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, which was opened this weekend. This stadium – from what I can see – is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry (well, almost). And Cape Town’s 2010 soccer stadium seems to be well on track as well.

Speaking of Cape Town: It seems that all is in place for the Final Draw, which is scheduled for 4 December 2009. The municipality is doing a great job in keeping everyone informed about what’s gonna happen, which roads will be closed off and what side events are on the agenda. A spectacular 2010 music festival for instance, to be held in Long Street.In other words: Cape Town – my city! – is ready to welcome the world for the Final Draw of the  2010 world cup! In addition, Cape Town is thinking about very innovative ways to deal with a possible accommodation shortage! So yeah, it seems that all ducks are in a row to make 2010 a year to remember!

In other words: I cannot wait! This soccer converted person is a 100% sure South Africa will keep to its promise, and that is that it will host the best world cup soccer in the history of FIFA! Let the games  BEGIN!!!!

Source: Miriam Mannak


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