Me & Twenty10: Hail the helicopter

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“Flippin’, friggin’ road closures,” my boyfriend grumbled when I asked him how his day was. “This damn Final Draw is turning into a slight pain in the behind. Oh, and that helicopter – well, all three of them? Get used to those. They will on the go every day, for the rest of the week.”

I must say that these helicopters are slightly annoying. I live near the city center, and from my balcony I have a splendid view over Table Mountain and the city. And since today: choppers. They are patrolling the city from the sky, keeping an eye on whatever they are keeping an eye on. Every three to five minutes, one flies of those things over my flat, severely compromising my concentration and inspiration. But hey – they are there for a reason. A valid reason.

Although the Final Draw is still days away, the first delegates have arrived in Cape Town. And I mean: hot shots of note. From diplomats, heads of state, actors, actresses, soccer legends and other VIPs either have arrived or will be arriving in the next coming days. Can you imagine what it would do to South Africa as the host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup if something would go terribly wrong in that respect? But that is NOT going to happen. South Africa’s got it all covered. So all of you doom thinkers: get a grip

Anyway,  back to the sound of these choppers. It might indeed be helluva annoying and detrimental to my writing.  I need silence to work, how strange it may seem. However, these things are there for a reason. To keep us all – from local to visitor, from VIP to ordinary citizens, and both me and you – safe from harm.


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