2010 Tickets

Q. How many tickets will there be available for the 2010 Soccer World Cup? A. The authorities say that there will be 3 million tickets available in total.

Q. How do I buy my ticket? A. In the third ticket sales phase, which ends on January 22 2010, you have to apply for your tickets. One of the places where you can do this is at  www.fifa.com/2010. South Africans can apply for tickets at a branch of First National Bank (FNB) as FIFA understands that many South Africans do not have access to the internet.  whilst South African residents have the opportunity to apply for tickets by visiting a branch of FNB. On February 1 2010, a random selection draw takes place. Within ten days after the draw, applicants are notified and payment is made.

Q. What is this random draw thing all about? A. FIFA says it is because it wants to give every football fan, regardless of where he or she lives,  an equal chance of getting tickets to the most popular games. For that reason a random draw is the fairest way to allocate the tickets. For games which are not over subscribed by 22 January 2010 there will be no random draw. Tickets will be allocated to all applicants.

Q. Do you have any tips when it comes to applying for tickets? A. I don’t, but FIFA does 🙂 For scoring tickets for high profile matches in the group stages and matches in the knockout phase, their website says, there will be a greater chance of obtaining tickets by applying for Category 1 or 2 tickets. Whilst higher priced, these tickets are likely to provide fans with a better viewing experience.

Q. Can I still buy tickets after January 22 2010, or do I have to make up my mind NOW? A. Chill dude. Yes, you can buy tickets for the 2010 World Cup after 22 January 22, the closing date of the third ticket sales phase. The tickets that remain after the sales, will be sold during the 3rd ticket sales phase – between 9 February and 7 April 2010. This ticket sales phase will then be followed by a Last minute sales phase between 15 April and 11 July 2010. But do not sit there! Buy those tickets! It is expected that between June 11 and July 11, only few tickets will be available.

Q. I have heard that tickets will be made available over the counter? Is that true? A. Yes, this is true, but only for South Africans and nationals fro the other qualified African countries. For more information, please click here!

Q. Dude, I am South African and I cannot afford hundreds of rands for a 2010 ticket. What to do? A. The Local Organising Committee has said that the 2010 world cup South Africa will be the cheapest World Cup. The exchange rate has been fixed at R7 for a US dollar and people living in South Africa will pay only from R140 (±$20) for a ticket.

Q. Can I buy 2010 World Cup tickets for other people? A. Yes, you can! When buying world cup tickets for other people, you need to supply their names, ID number, nationality and date of birth.

Q. Can I resell my tickets for the 2010 world cup? A. Yes, according to the media department of the 2010 Local Organising Committee you can. This is what how they replied to my question: Starting by 9 February, people will be able to change the names on their ticket. They can either do this at ticketing offices, online (www.FIFA.com), or at the stadiums (only during the world cup). By April 15 people will be able to start re-selling tickets through FIFA.com and  at one of the ticketing centres. These will be the only official platforms to either change names or re-sell tickets.”

What you do need to keep in mind is that if you are buying a ticket from someone, is that the ticket needs to be changed into your name. There is a chance that people will check IDs. If your ID does not correspond with the name on your ticket, you will be denied entrance to the stadium.


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