2010 FAQ: Final Draw

Q: When and where will the 2010 Final Draw take place? A: The Final Draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, on December 4, 2009. The ceremony of the Final Draw, during which the match schedule of the 2010 football world cup will be revealed, will start around 19:00 at the Cape Town Convention Center  (CTICC).

Q: What can I expect during the Final Draw of the 2010 World Cup? A: Apart from revealing the match schedule of the 2010 Football World Cup – which determines whom, in which host city and in which world cup stadium the 32 qualified soccer teams will be playing.  Expect a huge party! For the occasion, Long Street will host a fantastic 2010 music festival: The Long Street Final Draw Festival. However, please keep in mind that various roads in Cape Town – in the vicinity of the CTICC as well as roads and streets around Long Street – will be closed for a couple of days. For more information, read this 2010 news article.

Q. So, which countries have qualified for the 2010 FIFA world cup? A. In total 32 countries have qualified for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. They are Ghana, Côte d’Ivoir, South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Algeria, Australia, Japan, Korea Republic, Korea DPR, Netherlands, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Mexico, USA, Honduras, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and New Zealand. Ireland is still asking FIFA to be accepted as the 33rd country.

Q. I have heard South Africa is a dangerous place. Will I be safe during the Final Draw? A: Safety is a number one priority during the Final Draw of the 2010 World Cup, and the City of Cape Town is doing all it can – and more – to make sure both locals and visitors who are in town for the event are safe. There will be for instance 1600 police officers on duty, who will be supported by army personnel, and private security companies. But you have a role to play in guarding your own safety as well. Do not be careless, be sensible and take necessary precautions: Do not walk alone at night, do not accept help from people when drawing money, keep an eye on your belongings and your surroundings, and use the safe in your hotel room for your valuables such as passports and plane tickets. But most of all: Enjoy your time in Cape Town! Its going to be the party of the year!


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