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With the 2010 FIFA world cup  soccer being around the corner, it is crucial that you start planning your trip to South Africa – and especially your accommodation – very soon. Walking into a hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse  in 2010, and trying your luck,  is not a good idea. You simply will not be the only person traveling to the country that in 2010 will be known as the soccer Mecca of the world: the authorities expect some 500.000 visitors from abroad. This excludes local South African football fans who will be traveling from one 2010 host city to the other to see the games. So prevent disappointment and book your accommodation for 2010 as soon as possible.

Hotel accommodation  for 2010

Many people will want to stay in a hotel, preferably in a hotel as close as possible to the world cup stadiums.  This has indeed many advantages: You can walk to the stadiums, which means you will not have parking problems or depend on public transport and taxis. Although staying in a hotel close to one of the world cup stadiums is incredibly convenient, expect these hotels to be very expensive and booked out very quickly after the Final Draw. So be quick, when it comes to booking your hotel accommodation for 2010.

Bed & Breakfast for 2010

You of course do not have to stay in a hotel: South Africa boasts hundreds of bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and hostels. Most of them are situated a bit further from the world cup stadiums, but the plus-side is that the service at B&B’s is usually more personal than when compared to large hotels. Staying in a guesthouse or bed and breakfast is perfect for soccer fans who like to see the games, but want some peace and quiet too.

Backpackers and 2010

If you do not have a lot of money and are living on a budget, then you should perhaps opt for a backpacker hostel. South Africa has plenty of them, and most of the backpackers will be turned into 2010 world cup party places. You can either stay in a room or in a dorm. It i a misconception that backpackers are shabby. Most backpackers in South Africa are neat, clean and tidy and offer quality accommodation

Private rentals for 2010

Quite a few South Africans plan to rent out their homes, flats, and apartments for the 2010 World Cup Soccer. This can be a good option if you  have your eyes set on affordable self catering accommodation, which provides you with all the necessities such as a washing machine, TV and a  fully equiped kitchen. It can also be your chance to share a luxury villa with your friends.

Stay at a University!

Various universities in South Africa, including the University of Cape Town and the University in Johannesburg, are offering affordable accommodation in one of its residences. For more information on world cup accommodation at the University of Cape Town, click here.

Where to book your 2010 accommodation?

There are plenty of website where you can book your accommodation – from hotels to backpackers. So get online as soon as you can, and make sure you have a roof over your head when you arrive in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer.

Hotel accommodation for 2010

* Protea is one of South Africa’s largest hotel chains. Like other hotel chains, Protea is gearing itself for the 2010  World Cup. In Cape Town, for instance Protea has quite a few hotels near the Stadiums.

* Cyber Cape Town is the largest accommodation portal and booking website, offering everything hotels to game lodges. Unlike the company’s name suggest, Cyber cape Town offers hotel accommodation across South Africa.

Backpacker and budget accommodation for 2010

* Budget Getaways offers a wide array of great budget self-catering accommodation in the Western Cape Province. This is one of my personal favourite South African accommodation websites.

SA Venues has quite a few backpackers listed, from beach backpackers to backpacker sin the city centers. They cover the whole of South Africa.

Bed & Breakfast accommodation for 2010

* Bed and Breakfast South Africa is a  very user friendly website that specializes in Bed and Breakfast accommodation across South Africa, also for 2010.

BnBFinder is the place to when you are looking for Bed & Breakfast accommodation during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Other 2010 accommodation websites

* 2010 Cup Accommodation: Helps you in finding accommodation in South Africa in 2010 based on your needs. Offers a personal service.

Where to Stay: An accommodation, restaurant and activities portal, focusing on South Africa.

* University of Cape Town: UCT will be offering world cup accommodation. Actually, the University of Cape Town will be the largest 2010 world cup accommodation hub during the event! The University of Johannesburg and the University of Durban will also open their doors to football fans!

** This list is likely to grow, so watch this space **


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