UCT becomes world cup hotel

01/03/2010 at 09:44 10 comments

Are you looking for affordable accommodation in Cape Town during the 2010 FIFA Wold Cup, but struggling to find what you are looking for? Are the high rates charged by some hotels and B&Bs a bit too much to handle? One of Africa’s premier universities, the University of Cape Town (UCT), might be the answer to your problem: the university, with residences situated a mere 10km from Cape Town’s city centre, will be opening its doors as Africa’s largest accommodation hub during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

“We will provide comfortable, affordable and secure accommodation to visitors from Africa and further afield over the six weeks during the Soccer World Cup tournament,” said head of UCT’s 2010 task team Professor John Simpson.

“We are fortunate at the University of Cape Town to have a campus which boasts unsurpassed scenic beauty and world-class residence and leisure facilities. In addition to that the University is situated close to the heart of Cape Town’s city centre and has long played an integral part of the city’s history and heritage. We will be able to offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy a fun and relaxing World Cup experience by giving  them access to the University’s extensive shuttle system which will ferry guests between UCT and the airport, World Cup fixtures, as well as to its prime entertainment and shopping districts.”

Simpson added that UCT as a signatory to Cape Town Tourism’s Tourism Code of Responsible Pricing firmly believes in the Code’s principles of fostering visitor confidence in our city. “This means providing accommodation that offers excellent value at fair prices at our University.”

To put people’s minds to rest, UCT’s already comprehensive campus security system will be beefed up during the world cup, to ensure the safety of its guests.

Urban Hip Hotels will be assisting the UCT in making the transition from academic institution to accommodation hub. This hotel management company will also be marketing and managing world cup accommodation at the Universities of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and KwaZulu-Natal.

In short, the world cup accommodation offered by UCT means:

  • Unlimited access to several on-campus facilities including a fully equipped gym, a major theatre complex, a number of pubs and restaurants, a FIFA-accredited artificial soccer pitch, as well as conveniently placed foreign exchange and ATM facilities.
  • Affordable rates: a single rooms start at 550 rand per room per night excluding VAT.
  • Transport made easy: 35 buses will be driving to and from all residences and airport, and will serve as match day transfers to and from the stadium. The buses will also travel to the V&A Waterfront and local shopping centers.

For more information about Campus Accommodation 2010 visit www.uct.ac.za or www.campus2010.co.za


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  • 1. Ulrich Dannecker  |  01/03/2010 at 12:14

    Using the university campus accommodation for World Cup 2010 visitors is an innovative and commendable solution. Whilst the different organisational tasks appear to be well on track, the marketing of the event overseas is extremely poor!
    Only 100 days are left, and here in England (a soccer mad country) no marketing is visible. Who is responsible, and who can be held accountable? It is not too late.

    • 2. Miriam Mannak  |  01/03/2010 at 14:36

      I heard it has to do with using the fifa trade marks and stuff. If you use their logo and various phrases like ‘world cup cape town’ ‘cape town 2010’and ‘world cup’ for commercial gains, you have to pay a license. I think many businesses in Europe are still struggling with the crisis. I think that is one of the explanations …

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  • 6. Michael Basson  |  25/04/2010 at 18:48

    Just a warning to your readers: I traveled to SA in Feb 2010 and booked a car to be collected on arrival at Cape Town International Airport. On arrival the car hire company told me my credit card could not be accepted because the numbers on the card in not embossed (stand out). They promptly refused to rent me a car and after inquiring at all the car rental companies I was given the same answer. Apparently SA is so behind the times that they can not do electronic transactions. They need a card that they can swipe on a paper document or else they refuse to help you. My credit card is an electronic credit card, I have used it in the US for car hire, even in Namibia. Only in SA I was refused and found myself stuck at the airport and my whole trip without transport. I would appreciate if you could warn your readers about this.

    • 7. Miriam Mannak  |  11/05/2010 at 10:37

      Thanks for this Michael, very very valuable information indeed. I will have a look into this!

  • 8. capetownworldcup  |  06/05/2010 at 20:15

    Excellent location if you stay at UCT for the world cup and a stunning views of the city!

  • 9. hoh  |  08/05/2010 at 12:42

    love this blog its full of excellent infomation
    Will a shuttle be running from UCT to stadium or and fan parks?

    where do we park our cars?
    and where does the shuttle leave from?
    Hellishly difficult to get any info on this – council site good but how to find out the detail?!
    roll on june…..

    • 10. Miriam Mannak  |  11/05/2010 at 10:34

      The shuttle service will be running across town, and has various routes. yes, there will be a shuttle running from UCT’s campuses to the stadium and city center. car can be parked there I suppose. I will post some more info on this later.


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